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    Friday, March 15, 2013

    Per connettersi con Lady Gaga: Una delle mie pagine può mostrare miei disegni e ora felice San Valentino

    To Connect With Lady Gaga: The newspapers call me the new Mr. Bean (actor)

    To Connect With Lady Gaga: The newspapers call me the new Mr. Bean (actor): Donation for poor GentlemenGogoVEVO  - GentlemenGogoVEVO actor artist  PAYPAL  sg_trans * SAVE PHOTO! 

    Design Lady Gaga and GentlemenGogoVEVO
    So, Lady gaga walking towards me and I have a flower for Lady Gaga.
    Hey, what's up, Gaga? Look at that beautiful moon.
    Here is the flower for you, Lady Gaga Happy Valentines !!
    -- I'm GentlemenGogoVEVO.
    I hope you like the flowers and I think you love the flower.
    I'm not Giorgio Armani, but I had designed beautiful clothes for you and me.
    I want to say to you Lady Gaga and all your fans, I am an artist and an actor.
    Would be great to make a movie with you, Lady Gaga.
    Gaga, you would like to make films with me?
    Listen Lady Gaga. -- I like surprises.

    Very detailed design Lady Gaga and GentlemenGogoVEVO.
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